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Miniatures! & WWU 6/14

This week I went to Moddler, in San Francisco where we talked shop, mini's, and SIOcast!

The first thing we wanted to nail down together was scale. We need to make sure that we have a common understanding of just how big a mini should feel in a variety of situations.

Doing that in person together is much easier than over the phone, so I packed up the truck and met up with Jared at Moddler and we started cracking open some packs to look at how other games handle their minis (we also got to discuss packaging this way as well!).

Mini's in Grimpath are agnostic. It's what's traditionally known as a toolbox game . So for our scale we want to make sure we have a standard that fits well with the most amount of mini's.

D&D uses a 1 inch square, which makes their miniatures around 25-28mm scale. We want ours to feel comfortable up against those, but also up against larger, 40mm miniatures...

Here's a 25 mm mini next to one of our 32(ish) heroic minis that we used during our tests.

We'll be using a brand new process called SIOcast. You my have heard of it from some other games, for example Reaper Mini's uses it if you want to see how it feels in your hand.

It's a durable plastic that has a great feel to it, but isnt easy to break. It's also got a nice smooth texture that paint sticks to really well!

I put together this short video to show you a bit of what the process in making a miniature with SIOcast, and it's injection molding process is like.

We're going to be posting more about the process as we move a long our pipeline! Right now we're working on a set of mini's that we'll be using for in person demos, and that will really be a fun way to compare and learn about scales, when you see the various creatures, wizards, monsters, and minions that youll be bringing to life on the battlefield with your decks!

Here's some more pictures of some test prints and molds, so you can see a bit more about how they're made!

Thanks for having me Moddler! It was great to learn about the process, let alone set up ours!

We're going to be doing some more prototyping and we'll have lots of cool images to post about that soon, so for now shuffle your decks, and get ready to battle in a whole new way!

Dont forget to join our Discord to meet some other folks in our community, and if you want to start playing but don't know how, make sure you check out our Print & Play and download 2 decks & rulebook to get started!

We're getting close to the end of gamma, and that means we'll be focusing on our launch & kickstarter, and we'll have more info on that in next weeks update, so stay tuned!

Thanks for checking out the game!



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