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Grimpath: A Brand New Way to Game!



Deck Tactics Unveils "Grimpath" – A Groundbreaking, Creative Tabletop Trading Card & Wargame.


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – August 3, 2023 - Deck Tactics, a burgeoning creator in the gaming industry, is thrilled to announce: Grimpath, an innovative tabletop game that offers players a rich blend of strategy, creativity, and immersive gameplay. Set to debut on Kickstarter early Q1, 2024.


Grimpath transcends the boundaries of traditional card games and miniatures war games. At its core, the game is about empowering players to create their own stories and characters, all while delivering a highly competitive and balanced combat system.


The Grimpath universe is alive with five spheres of influence: Shadow, Fury, Nature, Spirit, and The Arcane. Each features a unique range of cards and warlords for players to choose from, along with meticulously crafted miniature figures to represent your warband on the battlefield. This setup offers players a thrilling opportunity to draft their own distinctive decks and warbands. In doing so, players can color and tailor their strategies, paving the way for a diverse and dynamic gameplay experience.


"Grimpath is a testament to the power of imagination and strategic thinking," says the founder of Deck Tactics. "We wanted to create a game that bridges the gap between creativity and competitiveness, allowing players to bring their own world to life on the tabletop. It's our hope that Grimpath offers a new and unique experience that resonates with both casual and hardcore gamers alike."


As a "toolbox" war game, Grimpath encourages players to reuse their favorite miniatures from any game collection. This innovative feature adds a layer of personalization to the gaming experience allowing you to build a deck that brings your favorite miniatures to life in a whole new way!


In the months following the initial release, Deck Tactics plans to launch two expansion sets each year. These expansions will introduce a myriad of new stories, creatures, heroes, warlords, minions, and monsters for players to explore and integrate into their gaming experience.


For more information about Grimpath, please visit or follow us on twitter, instagram, youtube, and tiktok! Members of the media are encouraged to reach out for inquiries, exclusive interviews, or review requests.


About Deck Tactics:

Deck Tactics LLC is a pioneering game development company focused on creating immersive and strategic tabletop games. Its core mission is to deliver unique and interactive gaming experiences that ignite creativity and competition. For more information, contact:


Press Contact:

David Gardner

Lead Designer & Creator

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