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Behold Grimpath Booster Packs!

Warlords! Hold onto your tabletops. In this weeks update we'll show off some pre Kickstarter Grimpath booster packs, reveal the first Spirit card, and share buckets of other information from behind the scenes from the Grimpath team! Grimpath Pre Kickstarter Booster Packs We will be sending out these Kickstarter Grimpath booster packs to content creators on YouTube. We will be sure to share the videos once they are up—and we cannot wait to see all of you opening packs to create your warbands soon!

A Battlefield of Promo Cards The booster packs were not the only product to appear at Grimpath head quarters. We also got the first look at some very cool promo cards that are awesome on their own, but when you put them next to each other they become even cooler!

Check out these promo cards with the full art landscape on the back! The front of the cards will have some cool full art versions of five warlords for each of the five Spheres of Influence in the world of Grimpath: Shadow, Fury, Nature, Spirit, and Arcane! Spirit, thirst for knowledge and a passion for the unknown... A Card Reveal! Spirit is the fourth Sphere of Influence and in the lore of Grimpath. It is the Sphere of brave people who ventured out into the world, built cities, and explored the farthest reaches of Grimpath. If an inquisitive fire burns in your heart and a desire to adventure into the world leads your feet on the path, you might belong with Spirit. Radiant Engineer

This powerful Spirit card will lend you valuable resources on the battlefield to explore into enemy territory and defeat your foes! Let us know what Minions and other cards you hope to see for the Spirit sphere! Slaying and Playing at the Kingslayer Game Store Grimdave had another event at the Kingslayer LGS, but this time at their other location with the wargamers! The wargamers had a great time building their warbands and fighting each other! The potential for warband building is not lost on these future Warlords! With their painted collections the cards are going to really bring their minis to life on a whole new level, we are very excited to see Grimpath minis transformed by skilled wargamers! Kickstarter Campaign We reached a very important milestone for the Kickstarter Campaign surpassing 500 followers! We are extremely excited to see so many warlords readying for battle and the entire Grimpath team is working hard behind the scenes preparing for the launch this February!


We're excited to share Red Zone Rogues awesome new YouTube video about his starter set experience! And looking forward to an interview with David, the creator of Grimpath on his channel, coming soon! Meanwhile you can check out his Starter Set & Demo first look here:

Say hi in Discord and please do reach out to us if you have any comments or questions about Grimpath! Have a great week, warlords!


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