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Gencon 2023: Battle And Show Report!

Wow! Gencon 2023 was an unforgettable experience! It marked Grimpath's and my debut at such an illustrious convention. The sheer magnitude of the event left us in awe, and the privilege of meeting so many incredible individuals was truly the highlight of our trip.

We had the honor of hosting not one, but two remarkable events. Imagine our astonishment when we realized our venue was an actual stadium! Grimpath is committed to delivering both a laid-back and a tournament-ready gameplay system to your tabletop. Experiencing it in such a grand setting was a vision we'd only reserved for our wildest dreams. To showcase it for the first time within a stadium at a convention was nothing short of a delightful revelation.

We thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Take a glimpse at these photos to witness Grimpath coming alive on the event show floor!

To showcase Grimpath's adaptability, we brought along three distinct mini sets for participants to experience:

Tokens: Our custom cardboard tokens included in the starter set.

Wizkids: Demonstrating the game's versatility, these minis allow players to integrate their own collections and personalize their gameplay.

Custom Grimpath Minis: Highlighting the exquisite artwork and designs, these are a testament to the unique Grimpath experience we're excited to offer.

Here you can witness each set in its full glory. And look at Racheal! That glint in her eyes suggests she's about to unleash some serious damage on Josh. Or perhaps, she's just immersing herself in the fun of the game!

And here's a closeup of some of the mini's we brought with us, take note of The Broodwitch, the premier Shadow, starter set Warlord! And some slimes, Orcs and Goblins... Oh my!

What an exhilarating journey it's been! The knowledge and experience I've gained has significantly leveled up my demo skills! The anticipation is already building for our next grand event. Perhaps Board Game Geek con in November? It's definitely on our radar.

Having achieved this monumental milestone, our sights are now set on launching our Kickstarter pre-campaign. And we'll be hoping to get your help to spread the word to prepare us for the launch.

Before we venture to another convention, we're thrilled to share news of an upcoming special Halloween tabletop sim event. As we put the finishing touches on the arrangements, stay tuned for more detailed updates next month!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time to play and immerse themselves in our game. For those who received a shirt, we hope you wear them with pride! And if you missed out, don't fret! We're expanding our online store soon, ensuring everyone has a chance to grab one for themselves.

Prepare for countless skirmishes ahead! It's time to don your armor, harness mighty relics, and lead your warband to glory on the battlefield. We're charging towards your tabletop at full speed!

Stay connected with our journey: follow us on our social media channels and join our Discord for deeper insights and updates!


©2023  Grimpath™

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