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Wargaming Wed: 05/31 - Gamma 2.0!

We're starting phase 2 of gamma! That means we've got some exciting updates to gameplay and a brand new PDF rulebook for you to use!

Here's a break down the changes to gameplay that you can look for with this latest draft of the rules! We've made some fun changes with Reinforcements, Combat Steps, Relics, and more!

Terrain & Battlefield Changes

  • Initiative no longer determines your total terrain placement. We've changed this rule for a couple reasons:

  • we want you building with Grimpath, so we've freed up the restrictions.

  • Combat testing has allowed us to free up some restrictions.

  • A deck that relies on terrain, vs a deck that doesn't, would be at a Disadvantage due to RNG and that is not fair!

Starting Line

The starting line has been added! And we've nerfed Recruiting. Now when you recruit a mini you put it onto your Starting Line. This is the row of spaces that are farthest back into your terrain and closest to you. Imagine after you send out the call to recruit your mini, it is running up onto the battlefield, as soon as it sets foot onto it, you take control.

Reinforcement changes

After reinforcing a mini you move it from wherever it was on the battlefield, onto any space on your starting line, as if you had just recruited it.

  • Recruited minis drop their equipped relics

  • Recruited minis lose all effects provided to them, both beneficial and detrimental.

This change has really helped with both balancing combat, and helped get minis more active, and moving around the battlefield, and that means more fun!

Combat & Phases Polish and Changes

  • Added a Combat Steps section.

  • Blocking has been added! To block for a mini, have it swap spaces with a mini you control that is being attacked, the blocker becomes the target of all damage and effects dealt that round.

  • Exhaust to Attack! While polishing the Combat Stack Exhausting has returned, this helps keep track of what minis have attacked and which haven't and have made some changes to exhausting

  • Exhausted Minis can move!

  • Exhausted Minis can perform actions if you can pay influence

Relics Relics have gone through a major series of changes to help players understand when, and how to use them.

  • Equip cost added: All Equip-able relics have an Equip cost that must be paid to attach it to a mini you control. This cost must be paid if you are "picking up" a dropped mini off of the battlefield floor

  • Equipment that does not have an equip cost, is generally dropped into play.

  • Relics that do not have the keyword "terrain" or an equip cost, when picked up go directly into your hand to be used again!

  • Minis may only equip 1 relic of the same type at the same time (this means Weapons, Armor (or unique items like boots, or earrings).

New Cards

Next update will be a complete update to the last round of cards, with some cosmetic upgrades for visibility, some new illustrations, and a lot of fun new gameplay.

The goal for round 2 is to shave off 10 minuets, and get you slapping spells a little bit more, by simplifying some of the gameplay on the card texts, and adjusting some of the triggers!

I'm really excited about this version! It's playing very fun with local tests, so get ready to put together a new deck soon!

Head over to ⁠🧨playtesting to ask questions and share any thoughts about the playtest! We'll get you on the battlefield and fighting for a cause in no time!

Check out Draft 1 the Gamma Rules 2.0 PDF: Here


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