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Grimpath in the LGS and on Your Table!

Warlords! Grimpath is making its mark at Kingslayer Games in Fullerton and Lake Forest CA and showcasing just how fun Grimpath is, and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

A lot of new players were saying the same thing: when can we get it?!

Getting Grimpath into all of your hands and battlefields is the top priority right now, as we are really picking up pace towards the Kickstarter at the end of next month!

The things we are working on right now are finetuning the different Kickstarter tiers to make sure each tier offers an opportunity to have fun with Grimpath at different scales and adding cool things for the stretch goals -we are currently working on getting Grimdave to open his treasure chest of testprint cards and some exclusive promos! If you are excited to see more cards, please join us on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, where we are spoiling art and cards from all five Spheres of Influence in January. While you are checking the post, be sure to see what Red Zone Rogue had to say about his first game of Grimpath with the two demo decks:

As the world of Grimpath grows, we are recruiting some new minions to the company, so we would like you all to welcome Sofie Heiberg Plovdrup, as she joins the team to help with product management!

Sofie is well versed in TCG collecting, social media, Youtube, and TCG games in general, and even hosts the amazing Youtube channel Cardboard Guide. Her expertise, organisational skills, and passion for TCGs is really helping Grimpath grow and grow. The team, and the community is so excited to have Sofie on the project! Thank you for joining our adventure Sofie! If you want more foes to kill or friends to venture into Grimpath with, please share this blog or our Kickstarter with your fellow lovers of TCGs and Wargames!


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