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📜 Gamma Round 1 Updates!

We've had 1 full week since we've posted the first print and play. Feels like its been a month!

There's a few updates to the deck this week, and you can download them and amend your decks!

If you're a new player and have not downloaded the Print & Play yet, you can skip this step, and go directly to to get the decks from the links.

Carried by the Dead New card art has been added to the deck!

Returned Power Casting Cost was changed from 0 to 4 (2s2inf)

Servant of Shadow Color change test.

Defend the Hive Name changed to Fortify the Hive - No longer a quest - effect changed. (cover that hive in webs lets goo!) Art update (wip)

Deathstare Added art. (One of the few and first in the initiative to add more hand painted traditional fantasy art to the game!) Effect changed. You can now force a mini to exhaust with it, and it will not become readied until it is disenchatned.

Dragged into shadow Phrasing update on card text for clarity.

Shadowmancer Name changed from demolitions expert. It was a fun to see the look on someone's face when they said "I play Demolitions expert!" and slap that necromancer down on the table knowing full well it was an error Fixed text bug (-0/3 changed to -0/-3)

Severed Servant Fixed text (-0/-2)

We'll continue to update the cards with feedback and changes each wed.

Next week we'll see some Quality of Life changes to the rules to help smooth out play, and additions from a lot of questions from the 🧨#playtesting .

Here's some pictures from week 1 of Gamma!


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