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Wargaming wed: 6/7 - New Cards!

Last week we got a new rules update with a brand new PDF format - this week... it's all about new cards for 2.0!

We've made a lot of changes to the monsters and their abilities, added some new quality of life changes for card readability, and added a lot more deadly abilities into the mix! This round should be a lot of fun!


The first big update in Gamma Round 2 is combat. Combat should feel strategic, but also fast paced - you should be able to decide which target you want to hit, why, and quickly.

To help with this we've moved some triggerable abilities from other phases, into the combat phases! When a mini is reinforced vs killed in battle has a lot more consequence and that helps you visualize your tactics on a turn by turn basis, and provides a very TCG like feel with the way the cards and minis interact!

These combat triggers also help new players get a grasp on their minions value a little bit easier. Minis with more aggressive abilities being your offensive strikers, protecting your utilities and resources hanging in the back.

Movement & Pacing We're balancing movement with the new reinforcement rules with the goal of getting you moving at least once per turn to get combat feeling more dynamic.

These changes help with deck building as well, but we'll get into more detail about that later!

Another goal this round with movement and pacing is to speed up play, hopefully to get rounds lasting around 20-30 minuets. We adjust this by changing the ramp of some abilities & offense/defense values, and adjusting the card text abilities, giving minis more of what feels good with minis


Another important update has to do with graphic design, and visual clarity! We've given shadow cards a much lighter background for the text box to help you see the text more clearly.

We've also done a pass on simplifying some of the text in general to help you see the effects of the card at a glance, to help get the action moving a bit faster.

Download the rules PDF

Download the Feral Battalion (Fury Deck)

Download the Nightcrawlers web (Shadow Deck)

Next week we'll have some updates to the cards based on feedback in the 🧨playtesting

section of the discord and also add some new pages to the rulebook, to help with clarity.

Incoming Rulebook updates


Line of Sight Update


Card Anatomy

Come join our Discord to ask questions, meet other players, and read a lot more about the game while we progress through gamma! We'll continue building the site from here, so keep checking back - and plan on a Wargaming Wednesday update every week.

Click the golden G at the top of the page to go to the all posts section to see each update - we'll keep all the future announcements here, so you can share them with your friends and find them easily.


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