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Welcome to Grimpath!

Hello Traveler! Welcome to a realm full of mystery, magic and menacing monsters....

This is GRIMPATH! A fantasy trading card and miniatures wargame designed around deck building, custom miniature collecting, and face to face combat, for any sized battleground!

Grimpath is a collectable trading card game where two or more players face off against each other using a deck building tournament ready gameplay system designed around tactical miniature wargaming.

Set in a dark and expansive fantasy universe, Grimpath brings all of your favorite fantasy heroes, villains, and tropes to life with unique artwork and abilities that are designed to maximize the compatibility of your favorite fantasy tabletop collectibles.

Recruit a party of Hero's or summon a cult of Villain's

In Grimpath what you bring to the battleground is up to you. The core game will come with a wide variety of fantasy minis for you to match to your cards, but the limits are up to you.

Mix & match cards that both give you the strategic edge you're looking for but also help you bring your favorite mini's to life in a whole new way!

Combine cards in fun ways not just with the gameplay but by creating a character and giving it powers you've always wanted. Give a ranger the dark art of necromancy to create a thief that uses the darkness of night and its mysterious powers to overtake her foes.

Then pick a mini that best repesnts who you want to see perform these fantastic feats!

Spawn them using your influence.

Summon the darkness with the energy of shadow.

And defeat your enemies, how you've always wanted to, with your favorite hand painted miniatures!

In Grimpath players are encouraged to get creative with their decks, not just in the meta and the card synergy but to help you give a backstory, and some playful abilities, for you to toy with your enemies, using all of your favorite fantasy toys and collectables.

Grimpath is a competitive game, where it encourages players to dive into the miniatures and wargaming hobby. But it's also designed to be as accessible as it is expandable. As a TCG it offers a low investment when it comes to picking it up and playing, but with an endless path of expansions ahead, the complexity and limits are up to only your imagination!

We hope to offer players a way to build their favorite fantasy creations, with all of their favorite fantasy collectables, and then, to let them battle against each other with a fun and engaging, tournament ready gameplay system, to determine who's fantasy creation is the most powerful of them all!

We have a long journey ahead of us, and we hope that you'll join our party! Please, subscribe to the site, and you'll be able to comment on these posts, and get updates about the coming Kickstarter, and other fun events we hope to have along the way!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember! It's dangerous to go alone, so we need your help!

©2023  Grimpath™

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