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Last February, we paused our Kickstarter campaign to dive back into the depths of the Grimpath universe—so we could come back and bring you a easier purchasing experience, deeper lore, a more complete card database, and a whole bunch more!


For those who may be new to Grimpath, it's an immersive fantasy card game set in a richly detailed world where strategy, adventure, and magic collide. Our dedicated team has been hard at work, and we're excited to share the fruits of our labor with our incredible community.


Today, we're going to dive into what we've uncovered on our journey deep into the dungeons of Grimpath, and the exciting additions to the game that we're bringing you with our return to Kickstarter! From enhanced gameplay mechanics to stunning new artwork and expanded storylines, there's so much to look forward to. We couldn't have reached this point without the unwavering support and feedback from our backers, and we can't wait to embark on this next chapter with all of you.



Each squad box offers players a comprehensive warband experience, including a set of miniatures, a deck of cards, and various accessories. With these, you can leap straight into battle right out of the box. For our first edition, we’re thrilled to introduce FIVE new squad boxes to the campaign, expanding on the premade decks featured in our earlier campaign.


Each squad is led by a faction leader, pivotal to Grimpath's lore. Whether you want to spread the glory of the Radiant Empire as a valiant paladin or command a legion of undead warriors from The Veil, the city where dusk meets dawn, there's a squad for every strategic preference.


These squad boxes are designed with combat in mind, featuring formidable warbands of miniatures, tactically themed decks, and commanding warlords! 


We are excited to be heading to GENCON for our second time this year! Our first public demo was the 2023 GENCON and now we're bringing more cards, more playmats, more squads, and more minis for players to try!

We'll be hosting Learn to Plays, Premium Demos, and a Tournament! So if you're going to be at GENCON this year, register for an event, face off against other warlords, and bring home victory for your sphere at the tournament on Saturday! Hope to see you there!


Lore in Grimpath is essential to your adventure, and with these squad boxes and the wiki, you'll be setting out on a new journey full of deep characters and expansive worlds that you can use to forge your path and tell your own stories

with deck-building and wargaming on your tabletops.


Find out more about the Sundering, the cataclysm that forged the realm. Explore the glory of the Radiant

Empire and the cities of The Veil. Learn about their uncommon bond to bring order to a chaotic world.

Defend the Woodlands with the elves from the honor-bound Dwarves bent on restoring their former

kingdom's glory. And discover the true motives of the brilliant minds behind the Arcane Magus on

our Wiki—coming soon!

Shadowknight_ JohnLattaArt.webp


Register Here

Be the first to set out on this leg of the adventure! We're looking for dedicated playtesters and ambassadors to help us forge the path forward. By becoming an Ambassador, you'll be at the heart of the Grimpath community, playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the game.


As an Ambassador, you’ll get exclusive access to private playtests, allowing you to experience new content before anyone else. Your valuable feedback will directly influence game development, helping us refine mechanics, balance gameplay, and expand the lore. You'll have the opportunity to collaborate closely with our development team, sharing your insights and ideas to make Grimpath the best it can be.


Become An Ambassador

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But that's not all. Ambassadors will also receive special perks, including exclusive in-game content, early access to new releases, and unique merchandise. You'll be recognized as a key member of the Grimpath community, with opportunities to participate in live events, promotional campaigns, and more.


Join us in bringing Grimpath to life. If you’re passionate about the game and eager to contribute to its evolution, we want you on our team. Sign up now to become an Ambassador and embark on this exciting journey with us!

The adventure continues... at GENCON!

We have exciting news about our Gencon demos! If you've been a fan of Grimpath get ready to finally get your hands on your own starter box with our premium demos! We'll also be bringing the new Squad Boxes for players to use in a tournament, or try out in our Freeplay events. We'll post detailed signup information in the next update! So stay tuned. 

Every week we'll bring you more and more info until our next campaign launch date is set. So check back for more, and look for us on social media!

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