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welcome to the 2023 WINTERFELL tournament signups! a holiday tournament where players will battle for glory in the frozen valley.

Players are encouraged to mix and match any cards from the demo decks and any cards in the winterfell booster. each player will be sent a copy of our holiday promotional card well fed — and the winner will receive a custom WINTERFEL frozen valley battlemat! 

Sign up for the tournament below, join our discord, and lets battle!

happy holidays—and happy WINTERFELL!


Join the discord to meet some other players. We'll manage most of the conversation about the tournament there and you can meet some of the opther players! We host a learn to play saturday event where anyone can join, skirmish, and learn to play, just come on by and say hello and we'll set you up!

check out the new cards in the winterfell demo booster below and start experimenting with the grimpath data base and build a deck of your own! 

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